Sunday, 27 February 2011

Why the title?

The title of the show may give the idea im souly looking at games that give a good impression, however it's a little deeper than that. The name is simply a nod to an old series I used to watch as a kid on cartoon network called "What a Cartoon!". It was basicly a collection of pilots which depending on audience reaction, would later get made into a full series bringing us greats like Dexter's lab, Johnny Bravo and Courage the cowardly dog.

I think the 90's was a fantastic time to be a kid and a fantastic time for animation, with shows growing with univeral age appeal, bold, basic design which worked and stupid story lines that didn't need current events or in-your-face good morals every episode.

I am a 90's kid and i really want that to show in the series.

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