Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And it begins....

This blog marks the beginning of a new animated review series i have in the works called "What a Video Game!". I will occasionally be posting updates on the progress of the first episode and also my own personal musings of released media.

The goal is to create enjoyable videos that uses the advantages of an animated host, such as being able to drop him into ANY situation, the next post will be scans of the main character who is close to finalisation. At this point it will only be him and I will add characters when needed in later videos, which includes the possible addition of a film reviewer, depending on the success of the game ones first.

The first episode looks at the "A boy and his blob" series as a whole, so that's the NES, GB and the Wii games all together.

Nice couch bro!

Heres a snapshot for an example of what to expect.
It's pretty late right now so I'll leave it at here for now. Subscribe or keep watching if you wanna see if this actually goes somewhere decent!

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