Sunday, 27 February 2011

Why the title?

The title of the show may give the idea im souly looking at games that give a good impression, however it's a little deeper than that. The name is simply a nod to an old series I used to watch as a kid on cartoon network called "What a Cartoon!". It was basicly a collection of pilots which depending on audience reaction, would later get made into a full series bringing us greats like Dexter's lab, Johnny Bravo and Courage the cowardly dog.

I think the 90's was a fantastic time to be a kid and a fantastic time for animation, with shows growing with univeral age appeal, bold, basic design which worked and stupid story lines that didn't need current events or in-your-face good morals every episode.

I am a 90's kid and i really want that to show in the series.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Boy and his blob art book

The reason i chose to do a boy and his blob for the first ep is because, well, i really like it and i can talk alot about something i like. Im also an animator (duh) so when i learnt there was an art book i had to have it. It could only be won in various compititions online and art many of them out there, but i was one of the lucky few.... to be the highest bidder on ebay.

Its very good but is sorta thin and theres alot more content to be unlocked in the game itself, most of it the same as the book. Never the less its still nice fo have the games artwork in hand like this, ive been using it to design possible cutscenes in the video.


For the seires im avoiding using emulators where i can, or at the very least, only emulate games i own. The wii footage ws taken uing a wii, gb using a gameboy player with the gamecube, however the nes footage was recorded off a wii using the homebrew channel only for a better picture since nes is better build for old analog tvs, if youve tried plugging an old console into a hd tv you know what i mean.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Introducing, George!

Well this is the final design for the host of what a video game. He is based on a bull terrier and as you can see, has a charming simple look about him. Although he may be silly, tfhat dosnt mean hes stupid and can have deep insight in what he likes.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And it begins....

This blog marks the beginning of a new animated review series i have in the works called "What a Video Game!". I will occasionally be posting updates on the progress of the first episode and also my own personal musings of released media.

The goal is to create enjoyable videos that uses the advantages of an animated host, such as being able to drop him into ANY situation, the next post will be scans of the main character who is close to finalisation. At this point it will only be him and I will add characters when needed in later videos, which includes the possible addition of a film reviewer, depending on the success of the game ones first.

The first episode looks at the "A boy and his blob" series as a whole, so that's the NES, GB and the Wii games all together.

Nice couch bro!

Heres a snapshot for an example of what to expect.
It's pretty late right now so I'll leave it at here for now. Subscribe or keep watching if you wanna see if this actually goes somewhere decent!